In the heat of the harvest, September 1985, a group of world-famous musicians united their talents under the Farm Aid banner and raised $9M in relief funds for the American farmer. This transpired at a time when small farmers across the US were facing the loss of their land to the bank and Farm Aid helped to keep them alive. As the pandemic threatens our farmers today, the New Mexico Wine & Grape Growers Association has founded GRAPE AID. This month-long promotion coincides with New Mexico Wine Month (August) and is committed to providing relief to grape growers during the upcoming 2020 Harvest.

We invite you to explore the selection of carefully curated wines from across New Mexico and stock up on the latest vintages. Join the GRAPE AID revolution. Your purchase of any case, 6-pack or 3-pack of wine includes your ticket to access our GRAPE AID 2020 virtual concert on SEPTEMBER 12th and help us SAVE THE GRAPE.

When buying wine, please spend generously but consume responsibly! We hope you enjoy our labor of love! 




Due to Covid-19 restrictions, New Mexico wineries were closed for 134 consecutive days, 42 days longer than any other wine region in the country. The reopening of wineries on July 30this a great relief, but wineries need to sell four months of wine in the next 30 days to catch up. At the same time, vineyard managers are reporting record crop size with grapes already nearing maturity. Over the next month the entire industry should be mobilizing for the arrival of the 2020 harvest, but the peril of these grape lies in our ability to mobilize the current vintage. New grapes can’t arrive until the current vintage departs, but with months of forced closures and a ban on wine festivals, many grape farmers are now asking wine drinkers to do their part.

GRAPE AID 2020 is a way for you to help a farmer and enjoy wine. Buy a ticket to our virtual benefit concert or buy any wine sampler and get a free ticket to the show. The proceeds from wine sale and the donations we collect will be used to buy every last quality grape this harvest and keep our growers whole. We will then take those grapes, make them into wine, bottle them as SAVE THE GRAPE vintage, and the proceeds of that wine sale will also go to help farmers. 

Help us reach our goal of $1M in total wine sales and donations.



Nearly 400 years ago, in 1629, the very first grapes were planted along the banks of the Rio Grande and American viticulture was born. These original vines were smuggled from Spain and planted by monks to produce wines for ceremony and sacrament. What began as a sacred tradition eventually grew into a thriving industry, and by the late 1800’s New Mexico was producing over a million gallons of wine annually.

New Mexico’s modern-day wine industry continues to evolve from traditional European roots, with over 50 wineries and tasting rooms throughout the state. It is not difficult to trace the influence of old Spain in our contemporary wines, but one can also taste the traditions of France, Italy, Germany and Central America in our current vintages. We invite you to explore Americas most unique and independent winemaking region in the heart of the Southwest.

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Growing grapes in New Mexico’s high-altitude climate comes with its fair share of challenges, but there are far more benefits that speak to the ultimate quality of the final product. While water may be in shortage, the arid climate controls bugs, disease and rot so effectively, in most cases it entirely eliminates the need for any spraying herbicide or fungicide. Our proximity to the sun guarantees every harvest ripens to full maturity, so long as we survive the spring frost.